How To Find The Best Surround Sound Headset

Here’s a list of things you have to take into consideration before buying a surround sound headset.

surround sound headset

Sound Quality

One of the main reasons you buy a headset is for your best gaming experience. With a headset you can hear the audio of the game clearly and you’ll feel as if you’re in the game, unlike when you just use speakers.

Sound quality is important as mentioned earlier, and headphones with surround sound just makes it a lot better. An example given by a website called Turtle Beach explains this perfectly:

“The difference between stereo and surround sound Is something called spatial accuracy. Let’s say you’re playing a first person shooter, and there’s a sound in front of you and off to the right, maybe at about one o’clock. In a surround sound headset, that audio is going to sound more off in the distance, and it’s going to be more accurately nuanced from left to right. In a stereo headset, it will sound more like it’s “inside your head,” and a little off to the right. In a surround sound headset, if that sound were coming from behind you, it would sound more like it was really coming from behind your head. In a stereo headset, it would just sound a bit quieter than if it were in front of you, and less like it were really behind you.”

But that doesn’t mean that Stereo isn’t good. There are good and bad kinds of both surround sound and stereo and it’s just up for you to choose which works for you.


If you’re a gamer who plays games that communicate with other players on the web, then you better think of getting a noise cancelling microphone with your headset. If you were on the other side of the game, you wouldn’t want to hear bustling while wearing headphones. It doesn’t benefit you directly but instead it helps the other gamers hear you better.

Wired or Wireless?

If you hate wires all over you when you’re playing or after you’re done then you should definitely go wireless. However, a benefit of having wired headsets is you wouldn’t need to worry about charging or replacing the batteries. There are lots of good quality wired and wireless headsets and
you should just choose which suits you best.


When looking for comfortable headsets you should choose the one that would not get your ears sweaty after a long day (or night) of playing. Some headsets have breathable ear pieces but the downside would be that some headsets may have sound leakage and noise intrusions so you better try the headsets out first before buying them.

Budget and Durability

Of course, even if you put all these things in to consideration, there would be once hindrance if this things is not enough: Money. While most of the time cheaper headsets tend to be breakable; which may only last you 6 months to a year, the more expensive ones give you quality of all the aforementioned but you are sure that you get your money’s worth in the end. Although there are
many cheap headsets that could give you good quality that is under your budget.